Trada UI Inefficiencies Make PPC Service Painful

trada logo comicAfter the umpteenth time of opening and closing the Trada Campaign Details shelf as an Optimizer, I’ve had it! That is just one of a dozen of little nitty gritty things that make your service go from “Oh this could be fun” to “Click, click, click, ahhhhh this is sooo damn annoying!” How such obvious, and essential aspects of the user experience are left poorly designed and inefficient is beyond me.

I’ve already wrote a review of Trada as an Optimizer and shared my initial concerns about this PPC management service. I’m continuing to use it as an Optimizer because I really like the idea of a concept of crowd sourced PPC marketplace. And hey, it’s a internet marketing web app, which combines the two things I’m most passionate about! But the UI is driving me crazy. Here’s an example. The design issue is so minor, but the time wasted and the impact on my productivity isn’t.

Trada UI inefficient

Before UI Fixes:

Here’s a screenshot of Trada when I open a campaign, and click on Campaign Details. I like reading some of the details, or looking at some of the links provided as a Create New Ad groups. But expanding the details pushes everything to the bottom. So I’m opening/closing just to go back and forth, and wondering how come there’s so much wasted real estate.

Trada UI Fixed

An Improved Version:

You can see from the changes I’ve made, this didn’t take too much effort, and they’re not that hard. But now the Trada Campaign information is consolidated nicely and tightly to use that empty space. It’s also easier to read than that narrow column they have in their current UI. One small change like this means 10 less clicks for me as a user. I’d love the Trada product development team to reduce unnecessary clicking.

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