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GWA Batshit Crazy Comic

Date Picker UI Designs That Torture

I like dates. (No, not that kind.) Dates give my task list and projects structure and accountability. I use a date picker at least once; if not more than a dozen times a day. Whether I schedule a phone call, check out a range on my Analytics stats, look up flight availability, or set a […]

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UX Design Laws Principles comic

Fitts’ Law Applied Makes Interfaces Easier to Use

Fitts’ law (correctly spelled as Fitts’s law but no one does) is a very successful model that predicts the time required to point to an object is dependent on both the distance to and size of the target. This applies to both physical pointing, or by way of device such as a mouse. If you […]

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the featuritis curve

Why Do Software & Apps Suck?

There are many reasons why we continually pay for software and apps that suck.¬†Perhaps you take the suckiness and pain as the “cost of doing business” and have become conditioned to it. Or you haven’t found something that has all the features you “need” to replace your current bloated application. I’ve also noticed some of […]

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