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Trada UI Inefficiencies Make PPC Service Painful

After the umpteenth time of opening and closing the Trada Campaign Details shelf as an Optimizer, I’ve had it! That is just one of a dozen of little nitty gritty things that make your service go from “Oh this could be fun” to “Click, click, click, ahhhhh this is sooo damn annoying!” How such obvious, […]

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the featuritis curve

Why Do Software & Apps Suck?

There are many reasons why we continually pay for software and apps that suck.¬†Perhaps you take the suckiness and pain as the “cost of doing business” and have become conditioned to it. Or you haven’t found something that has all the features you “need” to replace your current bloated application. I’ve also noticed some of […]

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Google Contacts Needs Work

Google Contacts Needs Work

Last weekend I spent 8 hours organizing Google Contacts. Cleaning up my 2000+ contacts in Google took some work! Yes you read right, 8 hours. How is Google behind such a poorly conceived app? Don’t get me wrong, if there was anything else better to unify and organize my contacts, I’d be using that instead […]

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