SXSW Myspace Music App

Here’s a web or mobile music player app idea for SXSW and Myspace.

  • Take the current artists on  Showcasing Music Actsof SWSW, find the Myspace Page with all their songs and dump into an interface like iTunes.
  • Scroll songs by: Artists, Genre, Name, etc.
  • Also include: Location of Artist, current number of Plays of each Song, Popularity of Artist, the SWSW Round picked.

That would allow me to play a list with: the most popular song by all First Round pick artists. And also:  play each artist by popularity, and allow me to skip by artist. I’m on bajzel, right now as of the draft of this post.

Programmers, designers, developers any takers on this idea? It would bring a lot enjoyment to my life.

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